BraZen Phantom Elite PC Gaming Chair; A Review by T3 Magazine


Our customer’s full trust in buying our products is important to us. We understand that reviews are vital in helping you find the perfect chair(s) for your particular situation, therefore we are always keen to have our products reviewed by the experts in the industry.

Our latest review is of BraZen Phantom Elite PC Gaming Chair by the respectable gaming magazine T3. Brazen Phantom Elite PC Gaming Chair has been selected as one of the Best Gaming Chairs by T3 Magazine in a consecutive row for the last 2 years. Catching their attention, T3 has specifically reviewed our chair in one dedicated page to dig deeper into what makes BraZen Phantom a good buy for gamers.




Geraint Evans, the content writer, on his carefully balanced review has highlighted three of BraZen Phantom’s key strengths:

Packaging; T3 has awarded BraZen to be lightweight and easy to assemble.  They have also found the BraZen Phantom Elite gaming chair to be very comfortable.

Performance and Features; The BraZen Phantom Elite is a great gaming chair. The faux leather upholstery feels soft to the touch, and its headrest and lumbar cushion are comfortable, supportive, and easy to adjust. Phantom is the chair that has really held up its end of the bargain. It is a chair you can hang out in.

Price; The BraZen Phantom Elite gaming chair is an excellent budget offering from the British company BraZen. In its price bracket, it is quite clearly one of the best gaming chairs you can buy.

To resume the key strengths, T3 has noted even more reasons as to why you should buy our Phantom, such as:

  • Great value for money
  • Easy to use in smaller spaces
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable seat and cushions
  • Steel frame feels solid



For our gamers who are still trying to make up their mind about which chair to go for, our BraZen Phantom Elite gaming chair could be the gateway to your game-playing and streaming future, just as T3 has written.